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British Gas cannot help after the death of a spouse | Consumer relations ThePipaNews


I manage a house in a park and try to help 80 year old VP in her dealings with British Gas, as she is struggling after the death of her husband.

Although the company was informed of the death in March, it appears her bills are still being emailed to his account that she cannot access.

She does not use the internet and has requested paper billing, but nothing has happened. I called the bereavement team but they couldn’t help as it says it’s a British Gas Evolve account. I have not been able to find a contact for Evolve. I’ve emailed everyone I can think of and followed up by sending hard copies to its complaints department, still no response.

This has sent her into a panic because, despite my assurances that she is paying a direct debit, she is afraid she may be cut off because she can’t track her usage.

Nor can I assure her that she will get a £400 discount off her government energy bill this winter.
Box Hill, Surrey

Another complaint about terrible customer service from a major energy supplier.

VP’s situation is likely to have been complicated by the closure of Evolve, which was a short-lived online brand run as a separate business by British Gas owner Centrica.

When it closed all Evolve accounts became regular British Gas but without access to her husband’s emails you don’t have the paper trail.

After we chased Centrica, it got in touch with the VP and says it has updated her account details: “We have also taken her meter readings and arranged for paper statements to be sent to her, as requested.”

The VP’s request was simple and the uncertainty surrounding her account added unnecessary anxiety at a time when she was already concerned. Companies need to get better at this.

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