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Best Christmas ads 2022: Kevin the carrot to Lidl Bear ThePipaNews


When the weeks start getting shorter and shorter before Christmas Day 2022wave off Christmas advertising is starting to make its way onto televisions and computer screens across the UK. Although advertising and Christmas have gone hand in hand over the centuries, whether through print ads or Facebook ads, in recent years it’s become an art form almost as powerful and entertaining as the TV shows or movies they’re sandwiched between.

Some quote John Lewis pioneered the “can’t miss” Christmas ad game, with their 2007 “Shadow” ad showing people stacking objects in a plain white room with a shadow building on one wall. It was never clear what it was until a child runs in and throws glitter over the piece, bringing the image to life.

So who has released their Christmas 2022 advertising campaigns so far? We take a look at the list of Christmas ads currently gracing screens so far.

Asda Christmas advert 2022

We start with the topic many water coolers talk about; Will Ferrell’s appearance in Asda 2022 Christmas advert. Once again portraying the beloved character Buddy from the Christmas hit Elf, the hapless Santa’s helper keeps disappearing and is found trying to befriend the delivery drivers. Moments later he’s singing loudly over the store’s Tannoy system.

Much like the festive classic, when the store closes, Buddy’s night begins and he joins in decorating the store with all things Christmas. The shop colleague is overjoyed with his work and he gets the job. A happy Santa then runs out of the store and crashes into the same row of carts as he did at the start. A puzzled colleague smiles and the ad ends.

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas advert 2022

Marks and Spencer was the first retailer to release one Christmas ad for the 2022 season, featuring comic legends Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Dawn French returns as the fairy from last year’s award-winning campaign and is joined by Jennifer Saunders as her adorable new sidekick, Duckie, a much-loved and well-worn dog chew toy in the M&S Foods Christmas 2022 advertising campaign.

A Marks and Spencer spokesperson said: “Viewers are sure to instantly recognize Duckie’s voice as M&S reunites the iconic duo French & Saunders on screen. The character dynamic is sure to bring smiles across the UK as Dawn French’s glamorous Fairy joins by the voice of a distraught and depressed Jennifer Saunders as the chew toy Duckie. Sure to bring even more joy, is the excitable dog Wylie… who will be a favorite on screens this Christmas.”

Morrison’s Christmas advert 2022

Morrisons has brought back Farmer Christmas for the second year running as it looks to showcase food, farmers and its own food producers at the heart of Christmas. Farmer Christmas, the first of ten Christmas TV adverts to be rolled out ahead of the festive celebrations, will be integrated throughout the campaign to highlight British farmers as the other heroes of Christmas and the work they do.

The Officially endorsed by Farmer Christmas the stamp will be seen throughout the festive campaign in store and across paid media in a bid to showcase the supermarket giant’s commitment to UK farmers, its food producers and its Christmas products.

Lidl Christmas advert 2022

Lidl’s Christmas advert follows a bear who accidentally stumbles into a life of wealth and fame and gets a little too big for his Lidl boots. Viewers wonder if the bear can find home and more importantly, find itself. From Tik-Tok bands, holiday hits and tabloid talk – fame had gotten one Lidl too much for the bear and it was beginning to forget its roots.

While the Lidl bear was tending to his private jet, he looked up at the TV – it was its owner, the little girl, and pleaded: “Come home bear, come home.” The bear put aside his VIP lifestyle and parachuted home, arriving just in time to surprise the little girl on Christmas Day. The ad ends with the message: “Christmas came with everything she could want… even a Lidl bear.”

Aldi Christmas advert 2022

Aldi decided to eschew the tinsel and glitter for a brilliant parody setting soccer world cup 2022 which takes place until Christmas. Making an impressive nod to Nike’s famous ‘samba ball’ advert featuring Brazil’s team, the puns come thick and fast with footballers like ‘Marrowdonna’ and ‘Beth Swede’.

Blink and you’ll miss Easyjet puns are among some of the easter eggs in this Christmas advert, which culminates in a massive Home Alone reference at the end.

Boots Christmas advert 2022

Boots revealed its 2022 Christmas advert featuring It’s a Sin star Lydia West. Set to the uplifting anthem of Hall & Oates, You Make My Dreams Come True, the ad is about… glasses?

The 70-second ad begins with its protagonist on the bus finding a pair of glasses in their place. When she puts them on, the world is instantly filled with festivities. Looking at her co-worker, the room turns into a huge whirlpool filled with dozens of lights. She quickly realizes, the glasses allow her to see people’s true desires.

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2022

Sainsbury’s has released its Christmas advert for 2022 and with the voice of This Morning’s Allison Hammond and Stephen Fry. The ad is staged in an imaginary medieval setting where a countess, played by Allison Hammond, is brought a number of plates by the country’s hopeful chefs. Hammond is responsible for the selection of food for a festive banquet.

The Countess has an aversion to Christmas pudding and makes her feelings known by blowing out the flaming pudding sitting on the cook’s plate. “Give me something else, or else,” Hammond demands. The young chef returns to the kitchen, where he works day and night to create the perfect pudding that can win over the stubborn Countess.

But the silence is broken by an impressed Countess who praises the pudding’s caramelised biscuit and announces to the room: “That’s a bit of me.” Perhaps most striking, however, is the medieval instrumental version of Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag that rolls along in the background.


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