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Suella Braverman slammed by Asda Boss for ‘war’ rhetoric against Manston migrants ThePipaNews


Suella Braverman’s attitude to the migrants in Dover was ripped apart by the chairman of Asda on BBC Question Time this week.

The Home Secretary finally left to visit the Manston migrant processing center in Dover on Thursday as concerns about overcrowding and the living conditions of refugees grow – but she traveled via a military helicopter.

Braverman also described Channel immigration as an “invasion” earlier this week, days after a petrol bomb attack on a Border Force immigration center in Kent.

Commenting on the political blame game over who is responsible for the ongoing struggles with English Channel crossings, Asda chairman Stuart Rose told BBC Question: “I think we should get away from this playground talk.”

“Immigration has been around for thousands of years,” he said. “Mostly it’s economic migration, because people who have no food, no water, no education, no future prospects for their children and no way to better themselves want to get to a better place.”

Rose said both his parents were immigrants who came to the UK, but “they probably wouldn’t” come in today.

“So let’s not beat it, we’ve done it. People have come here from persecution, political persecution,” Rose said, before mentioning the nationalities that have come to describe Britain as home.

“In that migration, there are always people who will game the system,” referring to the government’s recent criticism of Albanian refugees in particular.

Rose said that if Britain is to be a “rich, caring country” we must accept that it is “part of our duty” to bring in more people from other countries.

“The world is changing. It’s not 1945, it’s 1955, it’s 2022,” Rose continued. “Either we live in this country and accept that’s what it does, or we go somewhere else, but you can don’t stop it.”

He added: “I don’t like the way we’re handling it. I don’t like the rhetoric.

“I don’t like the Home Secretary standing there going to Manston today in a Chinook helicopter.

“What kind of message does that send to people? Are we starting a war with these people down in Manston?

“How do we ever allow a person to do that?”

Touching on Braverman’s controversial description of the migrant ‘invasion’, Rose said: ‘How could she speak such dangerous language about a problem?

“This will only be resolved through negotiation, this will only be resolved by people sitting around a table – because everything is resolved.”


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