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Tesco launches TikTok search for ‘voice of checkout’ ThePipaNews


Tesco has launched a search for the next ‘voice of checkout’ on TikTok, with hundreds of people taking part to showcase their skills, including rival Aldi.

The retail giant is looking for individuals to submit their votes to be part of self-service checkouts in stores across the country, where those who sample will also have the opportunity to win up to 10,000 Clubcard points.

A Tesco official said on the company’s TikTok page: “Audition to be the new voice of Tesco by doing a duet with me and include #TescoVoiceOfCheckout. You could win 10,000 Clubcard points.”

Tesco, which created its official account to launch the campaign on Monday, September 26, has gained almost 100,000 followers on its TikTok profile.

The 55-second video has left TikTok viewers in stitches, with many sharing their amusement at the supermarket’s marketing strategy.

One commented: “Maybe have local voices in local machines. In Liverpool, instead of welcome to Tesco, say ‘okay there boy’.”

Tesco is launching a new TikTok challenge in search of a voice for its tills

One said: “As a Tesco employee, I know it would drive my colleagues crazy if they had to listen to me every shift.”

However, some were not amused, saying that Tesco should instead “hire and pay a voice actor fairly rather than trying to get free labour.”

Aldi responds to Tesco’s ‘Voice of Checkout’ TikTok search

As hundreds of people appeared to have tried their luck, Aldi joined the duet, but with a sarcastic twist, leaving many rooting for the German retail brand.

When Tesco asked, “and how would you say, please check my bag area,” the Aldi voice, which is female, replied, “Tesco, we barely know each other.”

When Tesco asked, “How would you say, accepted the club card?”, Aldi said, “Don’t you need a club card when your prices are already low.”

Commenting on the unlikely duet, many said Aldi should be crowned the winner if they could vote.

One said: “Aldi always starts with problems. I love it.”

Another said: “If we get to vote Aldi wins. I’d scan things just to hear the beep!”

The video so far has over 150,000 likes and has been viewed thousands of times.

For many years, Helena Breck, who previously appeared in the soap opera EastEnders, was the voice of self-service checkouts.

She also voiced the tills at Sainsbury’s and Asda, although the recordings were replaced in 2015 with those of a male actor.


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