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Eighteenth Mughal Emperor Akbar Shah II had nominal power. The reign of Akbar Shah II, who ascended the throne after Shah Alam II, was a time of change and chaos in all spheres and the British increased their influence. The kingdom was confined to Delhi, which the British were now planning to wipe out.

Akbar Shah II died on this day in 1837. Until the time of Shah Alam II, the British apparently respected the monarchy and respected the throne. It is significant that during this period the resident of Delhi, Stan was no more than a minor amir at the Raja’s court. He had the utmost respect for everyone in the royal family, but Stan’s deputy, Charles Mitcalf, was deeply dissatisfied with the king’s honor. He thought that we cannot honor the king by honoring him in this way, which is our first aim.

In the words of author and memoirist Maulvi Zakaullah Charles Mitkauf, he wrote: “I do not agree with the policy Mr. Stein has adopted with the royal family.” The person appointed by the British government to rule in Delhi, paid homage to the king in a way that threatened to arouse royal power. Although we want to settle it forever. We do not want to regain the power of the king’s kingdom. Therefore, we should not act in such a way as to create in his heart a desire for his kingdom, if we do not wish to re-establish his rule, we should not even think of our kingdom in his dreams. it comes

A year passed after Akbar Shah II’s accession to the throne and by 1807 the condition to which Maulvi Sahib alludes arose. In 1809, the King demanded an increase in his stipend, which was approved by the Court of Directors. But such a big court could not run on pension and stipend. The fact is that the stipend that the king used to get from the British was insufficient and that is why the king now wanted a further increase. He also sought help from Farman Roy Awadh in this regard.

However, in 1812, the king’s mother Qudsia Begum and her grandson Mirza Jahangir reached Lucknow on some pretext and tried to persuade the Nawab Wazir to help them. The British replied that no increase should be expected until the King accepted all the British terms. The king was excluded from all affairs, not even having the power to appoint his own crown prince or heir.

In 1814, Akbar Shah II demanded from the British government that his rank should be higher than that of Governor General. This time the British did not even listen. Finally Akbar Shah II sent the famous Brahmin leader Ram Mohan Roy as his ambassador to England to plead his case. Rammohan Roy went to Billet, but he did not succeed in his aim. After this, British officers in India became more suspicious of Akbar Shah II. So the king had to spend his entire life as a helpless helper in the Red Fort.

His ‘Raj’ on the throne of Delhi lasted 31 years and ended his life due to diarrhoea. He is buried in Mehrauli (Delhi) Dargah Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki.



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