Singer Atif Aslam has revealed his breakup with Asha Bhosle ThePipaNews



On the Super Over Show with Ahmed Ali Butt, Atif Aslam actually detailed his breakup with Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle. Atif also revealed that all the cracks in the Indian reality show Sur Fel were real.

In response to a question from Ahmed Ali Butt about Asha Bhosle, Atif Aslam said that initially he had a conflict with him because of the show we were doing; It was not a very pleasant relationship and it carried on for a while.

Asha calls Atif and says her daughter asked why are you constantly arguing with this attractive guy, if she can like him then Asha can’t like him. After Asha Kanya’s comment, he said that he has forgotten everything and liked her now. This won Atif’s heart because he believed it was such a great thing for him to say.

Also, Atif was then asked if these cracks were real or scripted. To which he responded that all these cracks were true and they had to stop recording four to five hours into the show. Later they continued recording the show at the request of the directors and producers.

Atif Aslam is an actor, singer, lyricist and composer from Pakistan. He is famous for his vocal belting technique and has recorded numerous songs in both Pakistan and India.

Although Aslam has performed in Punjabi, Bengali and Pashto, his primary singing languages ​​are Urdu and Hindi. He received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, the fourth highest civilian honor of the Government of Pakistan, in 2008. Also, she has received several Lux Style Awards. Bol, an Urdu social drama film, is Aslam’s acting debut. He received a star on the Dubai Walk of Fame in 2019 after being nominated for Pakistan’s Best Singer.


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