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Prevention is better than cure, the originator of this saying is Hippocrates

Written by: Malik Ashfaq

Episode: 22

Device for joining broken bones

(Instruments of Reduction)

Hippocrates was the first physician and surgeon to develop medical rules and instruments for joining broken bones in the human body.


Fractures of the long bones of the hip, knee, and leg shorten the leg by compressing the muscles and flesh around the bone, and the ends of the broken bones do not meet, causing the bones to not connect properly. It connects, it connects crookedly. For this, Hippocrates made a special type of bench by adding planks. He developed a method of connecting broken leg bones by hanging weights on a special pulley with the patient lying on this bench. In medical science it is still called the Hippocratic bench and this method is still successful today and has no alternative.

Also, if the bones of the arms and hands are broken, they are supported by a special technique, so that the broken bones remain permanently in one place and are connected without any problems after a certain period of time. Hippocrates also invented many surgical instruments that are still used in operations today. In addition, dressing and bandaging the wound with a special technique is very important. However, later they were also changed.

Dietary treatment of acute diseases

(under acute illness rule)

Hippocrates said that there is a close relationship between a person’s daily diet, the functioning of the human body and the power of nutrition. This book by Hippocrates has 4 chapters. A medical specialist can prescribe foods for the health of patients and general people that can cure diseases that affect the human body quickly.

Diet creates fluids and substances in the human body that can maintain the balance of the human body, while prescribing the wrong type of food can further upset the body. Soft, delicate and easily digestible food produces fine matter, while solid matter and excess of food unbalances the balance of compounds in the human body.

Therefore, the doctor should consider the diet of the patient and the general population according to the environment and determine the diet according to his condition, work and age. In this way, through a balanced diet, apart from immediate diseases, future diseases are also cured.

Hippocrates used to say, I can cure a person who is sick from eating unbalanced food like animal food by prescribing him balanced food like bird food. The daily diet should be asked in detail from the patient and then the doctor can find out all the causes of the patient’s illness, especially acute illness. It is said that prevention is better than cure. In fact, the originator of this proverb is Hippocrates. (continued)

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