Complaints against the NCP leader, tension in Solapur! A serious case has been registered against a widow woman who made serious allegations against an NCP leader in Solapur ThePipaNews



Solapur: A widow filed a complaint of torture against him at Faujdar Chaudi police station in Solapur. The widow made a serious complaint against NCP leader and former mayor Manohar Sapate. Manohar Sapate was the Mayor of Solapur in 1993. At that time he was the president of an organization. At that time, while I was working in an organization, I was clearly looked down upon. If you want to work in this organization, you have to listen to me, otherwise he threatened to fire you. The victim’s widow alleged that he tortured me by threatening that I am the mayor of Solapur. However, former mayor Sapate denied these allegations. (A widow made a serious complaint against NCP leader in Solapur)

According to the complaint filed by the victim’s widow, Manohar Sapate, the first citizen and mayor of Solapur, was called to a private institution in Solapur. Manohar Sapta had an evil eye on a widow working in that private institution. At the end of the ceremony, the then Mayor Sapate threatened the widow woman in the office and said, “You are a widow at a young age, you listen to me, you like me a lot, have sexual relations with me or you will be fired from your job.” After that, the woman filed a complaint at Faujdar Chaudi police station in Solapur city that Sapat took her to different places and subjected her to normal and abnormal torture.

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Allegation of extortion of Tk 10 lakh from the victim’s widow

Since 1993 I have been subjected to physical abuse from the then former mayor Manohar Zapatecha. The woman also alleged that she forced me to resign from the job a year before my retirement. Sapate also demanded a contribution of Tk 10 lakh from retirement income. The victim said in the complaint that he threatened to kill me if I did not pay. The woman alleged that even at the age of 59, Safate was misbehaving with me in a normal and abnormal manner.

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Gavathi also alleged that she was tortured with a pistol

While filing the complaint, the victim’s widow also informed the police that on June 28, 2022, at the age of 59, she went to the temple for pooja. At that time the suspect Manohar Sapate came to the temple and threatened to kill him, took the letter to the temple premises shed, threatened him with a pistol, tortured him with a pistol on his head. The woman said that since 1993 Manohar Sapa has been torturing the widow physically and mentally.

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Safate denied all allegations

Meanwhile, Sapate has denied all the allegations leveled against him. The woman who accused me of rape is like my sister to me. I was calling him like that yesterday too. They will call you like that tomorrow too. Despite this, they did not charge me with anything. Complained to the police. The police should also verify that complaint. Former mayor Manohar Sapate said in a press release that he is ready to face any investigation.

The concerned woman alleged that I beat her with a pistol. But in my 71 years of life I have yet to carry a pistol in my hand. Sapate said I don’t even have his license and I didn’t force anyone.


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