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Today’s Future- Thursday 22 September 2022
Results of children born today-

The child born today will be healthy, beautiful, lean, slim but tall, will have good education, will be successful in writing, will have multiple sources of income, will be successful in job, will fulfill his responsibilities. Will be fulfilled, parents will be devoted
sheep- Experienced company will be pleasant, desired success will be achieved, social respect will be gained, enemy obstacles will be removed with the help of the state.
taurus- Will be busy in domestic work, work environment will be favorable, material comfort will be there, interest in social work will be there.
Gemini- Be careful in conversation, be patient, worry due to unnecessary expenses, likely to attend a festival, get success in recreational activities.
cancer- Pay attention to the feelings of the spouse, old disputes will be resolved favorably, family problems will be resolved easily, work regularly.
lion- It is the right time to implement plans, new acquaintances will be profitable, sudden addition of money, success in family work.
virgin- Difficult path will be easy with help of partner, take care of elderly, may gain happiness, wealth etc., sum of transit.
cotton- You will get big responsibility in social life, meeting your loved ones will be pleasant, progress in education, you will get happiness of complex property.
scorpio- Work will be affected due to office disturbances, decisions will be wrong in responsibilities, some disturbances may occur due to opposition parties.
sagittarius Time will be spent happily with friends, parental support will be there, family life will be joyful and pleasant, gains will be added.
capricorn- Sweetness of emotional relationships will increase, work will be completed with the help of loved ones, completing unfinished tasks will be profitable, do not increase unnecessary expenses.
Aquarius- Harmonious voice will win the hearts of all, property disputes will be settled, fame will be gained, honor will be gained in religious work, friendship will be useful.
fish- There is an opportunity for improvement, you can speak your mind to anyone, you will get success in job, there is a possibility of getting good news.

The future of business
Ashwin Krishna Dwadashi will have a fall in the prices of cotton, cotton, yarn, clothes, coconut, betel nut, dry fruits, gold, silver, iron, copper and shares under the influence of Aslasha Nakshatra. Lucky number is 2499.


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