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In Palghar district, there are about 500 sickle cell patients and more than 1000 sickle cell carriers. As there is no independent system for treating patients in the district, they have to travel to Mumbai, Gujarat for treatment. Because of this, the patient is having a rash. This is an alarm bell for the district as the outbreak of the disease has been found in tribal areas.

Many complications occur in the blood cells of patients with sickle cell disease. As this disease is hereditary, it is not yet understood which age group is more affected. Therefore, the health authorities examine suspected patients and take blood samples during general examinations. Through laboratory and special tests, and the diagnosis is revealed in the rural and remote areas of the district. A quick diagnosis is not possible, so it is difficult to know exactly who has contracted the disease. However, some experts said that the risk of patients suffering from this disease is high, patients need to be kept under the supervision of health institutions for a certain period of time and undergo frequent examinations.

ASHA volunteers and primary health centers are vital for sickle cell. However, patients with high risk and serious diseases have to be treated in specially arranged hospitals. A district hospital is yet to be established, hence the lack of sickle cell ward. Although the government has plans to provide free blood to sickle cell patients, many times the blood banks in Palghar district are implementing lax policies regarding blood supply. So such patients have to look for blood donors or pay money to buy blood bags, due to which the patients have to suffer. Patients of this disease have been found in Dahanu, Palghar, Vikramgarh, Wada taluk. Below that there are sickle cell patients in other palates as well.

financial burden
Although women with sickle cell are allowed free amniotic fluid testing at government and other health facilities, it has been observed that since the system is not available in government health facilities in some rural areas, they have to pay a fee. For this exam in private place.

Symptoms that occur
Fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, lethargy, bloating, abdominal pain, headache, weakness, excruciating pain not relieved by pain relievers (such as Procin), visual disturbances, impotence, juvenile arthritis, weakness, lethargy, symptoms . Diseases include shortness of breath, paralysis due to obstruction of blood supply to the brain, unbearable headaches.

What is sickle cell disease?
Sickle cell disease is a genetic and severe form in which the red blood cells change their round shape to an oval (semi-circular) shape. Oxygen and blood supply to all parts of the body is not easy through blood vessels. Blood cells become thick and sticky. They accumulate, form clots and block blood supply. Organs fail because they don’t get enough oxygen. Joint pain, infection. Solubility test, electrophoresis test These tests determine whether a patient is a sickle cell carrier.

General medicine
Take 1 folic acid pill daily for life as per expert advice, take pill as per doctor advice to control cold and cough, don’t overwork or play sports, take care of yourself according to environment, eat balanced food, drink 8-10 glasses. water during the day

Two types of disease?
The patient has frequent infections and pain.

A person who has no symptoms of sickle cell can pass sickle cell disease to the next generation.

Scheme through Govt
Free blood and medicine, free s. T travel fare, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana facility, free amniotic fluid test, sickle cell intensive care ward.


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