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US President Joe Biden stressed on Pakistan’s help to deal with the flood situation, saying that as Pakistan is dealing with the effects of climate change, the natural calamity-hit country needs help.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, US President Joseph Biden said that Pakistan is in trouble due to floods, most of Pakistan is under water, Islamabad is facing the effects of climate change and needs help.

He said that the international community must come forward to prevent the effects of climate change, climate change is a big challenge for the world, for this the international community must work together.

Joe Biden also said that the United States is providing all possible assistance to protect human rights by contributing to the end of crises around the world. Cyber ​​security is the most important issue of today. We must take steps for economic development. .

They say that Russia has blatantly violated the UN Charter, no one has threatened Russia, no one wants conflict except Russia, the war in Ukraine is only one man’s war, it is the war of the people of Ukraine. This is a war of survival, the US wants to end the war in Ukraine on legal terms, no country can be occupied by force.

The US president said that the US and the G7 countries want to show that the democratic system works. Today, the main purpose of the UN Charter is under attack. The UN Security Council should refrain from using the veto.

He said that while the US is in favor of expanding the Security Council, US sanctions do not prevent Russia from exporting food.


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