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Today's Future, Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Today’s future- Wednesday 21 September 2022
Results of children born today-

A child born today will be friendly, patient, just, benevolent and religious in nature. Education will be good. Will be interested in writing and creative work. Often they are successful in technical jobs related to engineering, aviation. He has special interest in studies.

sheep- No need to worry, the situation will be favorable. You will get fame and reputation in social work. Officers will assist you. Stopped work will speed up.
taurus- Position wise work arrangements will prove beneficial. You will get good news. Mental happiness will be maintained. Get guidance from eminent persons and teachers.
Gemini- You can create your important work. The mind will be engaged in religion, karma and spirituality. Fear and anxiety of the unknown may remain. There will be enthusiasm in daily work. Don’t waste time.
cancer- Be ready to do any important work suddenly. Business conditions will improve. Be health conscious. Don’t make any decisions out of anger.
lion- There is a possibility of tension with senior officials. Happiness and prosperity will increase in the family. May meet relatives, gain fame and respect.
virgin- Any unknown state of fear in the mind will be removed. The day will be good. Working with moderation will be beneficial for you. Friendship will come in handy. Lost things will be found.
cotton- Being religiously inclined, money will be spent on charity. Family troubles and worries will be resolved. Mentally, the solution will be completely natural.
scorpio- You will feel tired due to busyness. Take care of health. Disputes related to property will be settled. You will find happiness and success. There will be peace and tranquility. Will be a trip.
sagittarius There will be some trouble from the side of the child. Parents may suffer. Will be interested in religious work. The cooperation of relatives will help to finish the unfinished work.
capricorn- Interest in religious work and worship will increase. Religious travel is included. Advice from a respected person will be helpful. Mental happiness will be maintained. You will get good news.
Aquarius- Be careful with business. There may be mistakes at work. There will be ideological differences at work. There will be a new happy agreement. It will be a lot of work. You may feel tired.
fish- Actions can be wrong. You will get success in dealing with the situation. Desired work will be achieved. The work will be completed on time. Respect will increase.

The future of business
On Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi, Tula, under the influence of Pushya Nakshatra, will rise in Libra. Gold and silver will be bearish. Gradually there will be equality in terms of good and bad. Today’s price will be important in the spot market. Lucky Number 3720


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