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Nagpur. The Wathoda police have registered a case against Mukesh Jaydevprasad Shahur (48), a resident of Sonbanagar, who demanded a ransom of Rs 1 lakh for defaming a private firm that collects garbage for the municipal corporation. A case was registered based on the complaint of Sameer Topane (33), a resident of Ayodhyanagar.

AG Enviro Infra Pvt Ltd has been awarded the contract by the municipality for city garbage collection. Ltd. has been given. Sameer is the project head here. According to Sameer’s complaint, between May 3 and September 11, 2022, Mukesh created discontent among employees working in the company by cheating them. Incited agitation against the company. At that time, a video of the company’s work and Sameer was made and given on the YouTube channel. The institution has been defamed.

To run the job smoothly, Mukesh demanded Rs 1 lakh per month. Sameer threatens to kill Mukesh if he stops him from making the video. That is why a complaint has been lodged at Wathoda police station. After the investigation, the police filed a case against Mukesh under various sections.

Several cases have been filed against Mukesh before this. The police took measures to prevent his activities. Even after this, Mukesh was threatening people. Because of this MPDA was also issued against him. He is discussing various issues.


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