Gurubayoor temple priest The next head priest of the famous Gurubayur temple is Ayurvedic doctor turned YouTuber, vlogger and singer. ThePipaNews



The next head priest of the famous Gurubayur temple is Ayurvedic doctor turned YouTuber, vlogger and singer.

Thrissur: Next is ‘Melashanti’ i.e. the head priest of the famous Gurubayur temple in Thrissur, Kerala is an Ayurvedic doctor, YouTuber and vlogger as well as a singer. Thirty-four-year-old Dr. Kiran Anand Kakkar was selected as the next head priest of the Guruvayur temple in a draw last week. He belongs to a family of priests and has served in an Ayurvedic clinic in the Russian capital Moscow for six years. Dr. Kakkar will take charge as the ‘Melshanti’ of the Guruvayur temple next month He will pray as the chief priest of the temple for six months.

He told PTI-Bhasha, “It happened by the grace of God. It is with his blessings that I got this happiness.” Dr. Kakkar said that he had to perform several ‘pariharas’ and pujas before applying to become ‘Melshanti’ at the Guruvayur temple to remove the bad and dangerous effects on the body while abroad. He said, according to custom, people traveling abroad are not allowed to participate in temple rituals, as it is believed that it is difficult to perform ‘daily activities’ while staying abroad, so some such people will have bad effects on their bodies.

‘Nityakarma’ are the rituals that Hindus have to perform every day. Dr. Kakkar says, “The remedy is that you do certain rituals or ‘avoidance’ back home to remove the bad effects. While I was in Russia, I used to worship, but when I returned to India I used to worship ‘Parihar’. Asked why he gave up his successful 6-year career as an Ayurvedic doctor in Russia, Dr. Kakkar said he did so as per his father’s wishes. According to Dr. Kakkar, “I was a priest for many generations. My father is also a priest. He is one of the four othikkan families of the Guruvayur temple.” He says, “As my father is getting old, he has asked me to come back and take over the othikkan.

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That’s why I came back.” Dr. Kakkar said that priests of the Othikkan caste perform daily rituals like ‘Abhishek’ or panthirdi puja at the temple. He said that besides taking over from his father, he also plans to open an Ayurvedic clinic. However, Dr. Kakkar Guruvayu has to stay inside the temple as ‘Melshanti’ all the time, so he has to postpone his plans to open the clinic for six months. I can’t even go home, he says. However, six months after the new ‘Melshanti’ took charge, I am back to my old routine. Can come and work as an Ayurvedic doctor.”

Dr. Kakkar, who has recited the Vedas since childhood, also knows how to play the ‘mridangam’. He is also trained in Carnatic music. Asked about becoming an Ayurvedic doctor, he said, “I think it was written in my destiny. For a son, my parents tried a special Ayurvedic treatment called ‘Pumasavana’. Dr. Kakkar said, “My uncle was aware of medicines and medical procedures that made this possible.

Since, I was born because of this type of Ayurvedic treatment system, I wanted to pursue a career in this field.” He said, “I never gave up my passion for music in pursuit of becoming an Ayurvedic doctor. I made music a part of my profession. Becoming a Panchakarma specialist Besides, I also work as a music therapist. According to Dr. Kakkar, besides practicing music therapy, he has sung for several music albums and he also runs a YouTube channel with his wife. “On our YouTube channel, you can watch our songs, travel videos (travel vlogs). ), experience living in Russia and get health tips on our YouTube channel. (organization)


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