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A bike rider died in an accident on the road from Kalyan to Taloja Industrial Estate on Tuesday morning. It is said that the accident happened due to a hole in the road. The deceased bike rider was identified as Sameer Tanaji Patil and hailed from Usatne village. After receiving information about the incident, the police went to the spot and started investigation.

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The farmers blocked the road renovation work

Sameer Navi was working in Mumbai. While returning home from work, Sameer meets with an accident due to a pothole in the road and loses his life in this accident. For the past 38 years, local farmers have blocked the repair work of Kalyan Taloja Marg. The farmers on whose land the road was constructed did not get compensation for the land acquisition, so the farmers took the view that they should first give appropriate land compensation to the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and then start the road repair work. The road could not be repaired. The work of road repair and widening has been stopped as the officials of the Secretariat of the Industrial Development Corporation did not get time to resolve the matter. Big potholes appear on this road during monsoons and the traffic police fills the potholes with labor and materials from many contractors. Due to the stones here, the traffic on this road slows down and the road is often stuck in traffic jams.

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Sameer lost his life due to the pothole in the road

Like Sameer, two policemen lost their lives in separate accidents due to gravel on this road. Sameer’s bike moved from the gravel to the road. Then while trying to return to the road, he lost his balance and his bike fell to one side of the road and Sameer fell on the road. The injured person died as a heavy vehicle ran over his body. The police could not confirm the exact time of the accident. However, around six in the morning, motorcyclists coming and going on this road informed the Taloja police about the accident. At seven in the morning Sameer’s body was brought to Panvel Upazila Hospital by ambulance for autopsy. Assistant Police Inspector Balasaheb Shinde examines how many vehicles hit Sameer’s injured body.

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Demand to the Chief Minister to pay the farmers soon

Although more than 25 years have passed since the construction of Taloja Kalyan Marg, the Industrial Development Corporation has not installed electric street lights on this road. During the rainy season, one has to wade through the water accumulated on the road due to the gravel. But at that time there is darkness on the way. As Taloja Kalyan Road is dark and potholed, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde should immediately look into this dangerous road. BJP youth leader of Tonder village Mahesh Patil demanded that the JNPT port route from Kalyan, Ambarnath to Taloja would be opened if farmers were compensated for land acquisition, roads were widened and repaired and street lights were provided. Earlier, Shekap MLA Balram Patil and former Panchayat Samiti president Kashinath Patil demanded the officials of the Industrial Development Corporation to solve the problems of the farmers immediately. Senior officials of the Industrial Development Corporation are visiting this route for inspection and troubleshooting. However, the inspection tour was not scheduled.


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