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Former Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh

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New Delhi. Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Congress after he joined the BJP. He alleged that no steps were taken to procure modern equipment for the defense forces during the UPA government, when India was surrounded by two hostile neighbours. He said that China has surpassed India in terms of weapons and it is Congress’s fault.

Amarinder Singh formally joined the BJP at the party headquarters here. The Punjab Lok Congress led by him also merged with the BJP. Singh said the time has come to join a party that looks after the country’s interests. He said that during AK Antony’s tenure as Defense Minister in the UPA governments, not a single weapon was procured for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

“We are surrounded by two enemy countries China and Pakistan and we (Punjab) are suffering,” Singh said. It is our duty to protect our state and country. Unfortunately, China is way ahead of us in weaponry and it’s Congress’s fault. I am not saying this because I am no longer a part of the Congress but I don’t think any arms were bought for the army, navy or air force during AK Antony’s four terms. Now comes the weapons which are essential to us if we are to secure our nation.

Notably, Antony was the Union Defense Minister for most of the two Congress-led UPA governments from 2004 to 2014.

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Amarinder Singh also mentioned Pakistan’s efforts to create trouble in Punjab. “Punjab is a border state and I have seen the deterioration of our relations with Pakistan… Drones are now coming into our territory to create complete chaos in Punjab,” he said. China is also not far from us. It is our duty to protect our state and country.

Amarinder Singh said, BJP is looking after the interests of the country. Now is the time that we should think about what we should do for our country and for ourselves… We have seen with Congress for so many years and now is the time that we should go to a party that will serve the people. You see interest and that is BJP.

It is noteworthy that Amarinder Singh has served the Congress for a long time and resigned as Chief Minister in September last year ahead of the assembly elections. He later resigned from the Congress and formed the Punjab Lok Congress, which formed an alliance with the BJP and SAD (United) for the assembly elections held earlier this year.


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