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When ban in America, how Johnson powder is being made in India

It was already banned in the US due to the carcinogenic ingredients found in Johnson’s baby powder, but surprisingly, this company is still manufacturing it in India. Does this organization want to spread cancer in India with this harmful powder? Maharashtra’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked Johnson & Johnson Pvt Ltd’s license to manufacture baby powder in the interest of public health. According to an FDA official, samples of Johnson’s Baby Powder taken from Nashik and Pune were sent to the Mumbai lab for testing.

The FDA canceled the production license of the Mulund company located on LBS Marg after the quality was unverified in the lab. Samples of this powder failed not only in the Mumbai lab but also in the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Kolkata. Johnson’s powder is widely used on young children. Even some women use it. This powder was found not to conform to the pH standard. According to the FDA, this powder can cause serious skin hazards in children. After the final report of the Kolkata laboratory, measures have been taken in Maharashtra as well. The company went to court against the FDA report.

Dual scale of companies

Consumers abroad are aware, so the Johnson & Johnson company has to bow down and suppress it. People stopped buying its baby powder as carcinogenic by America and Canada, but in the rest of the world, the company still puts young children and women at risk. Thousands of lawsuits were filed in the United States on this issue, and the court ordered the company to pay $350 billion in damages. In the United States, 38,000 lawsuits were filed on behalf of families of people who died of cancer due to the powder. It said the company’s talc-based products contained asbestos, which causes cancer. When the lawsuits ordered a total of $350 billion in damages against 22 women, the company filed to divest itself of the bankruptcy process. Because of this, the proceedings of the cases were stalled.

Fears close in 2020

After the baby powder cancer reports came out, Johnson kept saying such things were false. In 2020, it stopped selling in the US and Canada due to declining demand. According to experts, he fears more lawsuits, so the sale has been stopped. In the US, Ben Whiting, a lawyer for the aggrieved party, said the hearing was suspended due to bankruptcy proceedings. If a trial begins in federal court, aggrieved parties could use the latest move to halt sales as confirmation of their claim that the powder caused cancer. The company claims that the decision to stop the sale will not take immediate effect.

Will not be sold from 2023

Johnson & Johnson Company has announced that it will no longer sell talc-based baby powder worldwide from 2023. He would stop it altogether and promote a powder made from cornstarch.


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