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Jalgaon: No matter how much Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis sing sweet songs to each other, it is clear that the sweetness has not yet spread between the Shinde clan and BJP functionaries at the local level. Shinde MLA Kishore Patil from Pachora-Bhadgaon constituency in Jalgaon district is an example. MLA Patil, who is already angry because his cousin is preparing to contest for the Shiv Sena in the upcoming assembly elections, is in a dilemma as local BJP office-bearers, following the Shiv Sena, have alleged corruption in the Pachora municipality. MLA Patil’s skills will be needed to break the deadlock between Shiv Sena and BJP.

The events that have happened in the politics of the state in recent times have a great impact on Jalgaon district as well. The political enmity between Shinde clan’s Pachora-Bhadgaon MLA Kishore Patil and BJP’s taluk president Amal Shinde is well known. In Mumbai, Shiv Sena spokesperson Sushma Andhare alleged that there was a plot scam worth around Rs 200 crore in Pachora municipality, BJP taluk president Amal Shinde in Pachora accused her of a plot scam worth around Rs 200 crore in Pachora municipality. MLA Patil has especially taken an aggressive stand against the BJP on these allegations and declared that an alliance with the BJP in Pachora-Bhadgaon seat is impossible no matter what happens in the state.

MLA Patil denied allegations by BJP taluk president Amal Shinde and Abhay Patil after allegations that the Pachora municipal administration and the ruling group had stolen the plot worth Rs 200 crore. There are signs that his fight against the BJP at the local level will intensify as he warns that legal action and criminal charges will be filed against defamators in the absence of any evidence. Although there is an alliance between the Shinde clan and the BJP in the state, Patil pointed out that BJP’s Amal Shinde and his party in Pachora-Bhadgaon seat will never be friends.

Interestingly, for MLA Patil, though BJP’s taluk president is from outside, preparations have begun to trouble him from home. Conflict at home is troublesome for anyone. Shiv Sena’s first MLA of Pachora late R. O. Tatya Patil’s daughter Vaishali Suryavanshi is MLA Patil’s cousin. Earlier he had not expressed any political aspirations. But MLA Patil Shinde jumped into the political fray by joining the group. Although he had earlier announced that he would contest the Lok Sabha, on the occasion of the Shivsambad Yatra, his supporters have hinted that he will enter the assembly fray himself, hence the talk in political circles. As Vaishali Suryavanshi announces that she will be with Matoshree as per her father’s wishes, the brother vs sister political battle begins. The late R. O. Vaishalita has taken over MLA Kishore Patil’s communication office, which has a temple named after Patil, and started communication from there. Hence, MLA Patil now has to take political action in the face of internal and external opposition simultaneously.

Pachora-Bhadgaon politics..

Pachora-Bhadgaon constituency was a Congress stronghold between 1978 and 1999. Congress K. M. Bapu Patil and Janata Party’s Omkar Wagh alternately represented the seat. Since the creation of Maharashtra i.e. from 1962 to 1999, MLAs from the Maratha community have been elected from here. In 1999, former Shiv Sena MLA R. O. A leader from the Rajput community dominated the constituency in the form of Tatia Patil. In the 2004 elections he defeated Omkar Wagh and later his son Dilip Wagh. Then no more. O. Patil brought his nephew Kishore Patil into politics. He is currently representing this seat.


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