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ZP and Yoga

Nagpur. There are PHCs and sub-centres for basic service facilities in the rural areas of the district and these centers are also providing yoga and pranayama training to the citizens by camping them through the government’s Arogyavardhani service to keep the citizens physically and mentally healthy and stress free. District Health Officer Dr. Deepak Sailokar said that this training is being given through 66 yoga teachers in 178 primary health centers and sub-centres of the district. Department endeavors to bring prosperity to Yoga. Yoga training camp is getting good response from citizens. In PHCs and sub-centres, 9,600 yoga classes will be conducted in one year from April 2022 to March 2023 and so far 2,953 classes have been conducted.

Early diagnosis of cancer

The government has appointed and trained at least one doctor in each health center on contract basis. These centers are providing basic treatment for blood pressure, sugar, cancer as well as 13 types of diseases. There is also primary treatment and guidance for cancer of the face, breast, uterus, mental illness. Similarly, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Yoga treatment systems have also been introduced in the centre. The 13 types of benefits include prenatal care, newborn and neonatal care, childhood and adolescent health care, immunization, family planning, etc.

Efforts to reduce stress

Dr Selokar said even in rural areas, lifestyle stress is increasing and there is a need for psychological treatment in addition to drug treatment. There is a need for regular exercise, so yoga training has also been started at Arogyavardini Centre. Citizens are being taught pranayama along with yoga. School students are also taught Yoga-Pranayama. There is a good response among the citizens of the district.


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