Imran Khan Maryam’s satirical tweet on IHC ARY SACKS Arshad Sharif ThePipaNews



Imran Khan has practically committed contempt of court twice, once on August 13 while addressing a rally on Zeba Chowdhury Sahib and secondly on August 30 in the written reply he submitted in contempt of court, which was released by the judiciary today. Also, Aizaz Syed

A person who has been booked for contempt of court, his spokesperson said in the same case that he is a very popular leader, if something like this happens to his ally, the people will decide, it is another big threat. Department of Justice Hina Jilani

Seth’s loyalty is to his money, gold and business, people like Arshad Sharif think they are indispensable and we probably set the agenda. We make and break governments, we are ARY. If Seth loses interest, he will pick you up and throw you out, Jaigham Khan

It’s a private company’s personal decision but there’s a big contradiction in that why do it with a heavy mind if you discount them. This means that all these things you are saying have changed now, Amir Ghori


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