World Cup 2022: football album could cost more than £850 ThePipaNews



A football finance expert has claimed it could cost close to £900 to complete a football album for the 2022 FIFA World Cup final in Qatar.

A popular way to mark such an event is to attempt to complete a Panini sticker book. You can buy packs containing cards that contain images of the stadium and players, with the goal of filling the book completely and collecting all the cards possible.

But amid rising prices as the country defies the cost of living crisis, the prices of the packaging have also risen.

Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert, has now warned that completing a Qatar World Cup sticker book could cost £883.80.

In total, there are 670 cards to collect to complete a book for the upcoming WC.

Assuming you collected all 670 without any duplicates, which is almost impossible it would cost you £120.60.

Kieran claims there is a 669 chance of repeating stickers and says that when all the maths is done the total price to complete the book could be almost £90.

He said, “If you put the numbers into a probability machine, that’s how it works.”

That could be enough to put off many collectors, with the prices of energy, gas and other commodities set to soar in the coming months.


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