Who is Wazma Ayoubi? Looking so good everyone was watching her outside the match – Wazma Ayyubi’s photo goes viral as Afghanistan beats Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022 ThePipaNews



Dubai: In cricket, there is currently excitement about the Asia Cup. India and Pakistan are the two strongest teams in this tournament, but other teams are getting tougher. Fans of that team are present in the stadium in every match.

The Asia Cup match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh takes place on Tuesday. One face of the stadium caught everyone’s attention in this match. Wazma Ayyubi, who appeared in the stadium carrying the flag of the Afghanistan team, became so popular that fans left the match staring at him.

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Wazma Ayyubi became so popular on social media that some even demanded her to make a statement for the India-Afghanistan match.

Who is Wazama?

According to the report, Wazma Ayyubi is an entrepreneur and social activist from Afghanistan. He is also interested in sports. A picture of Wazama cheering the team has gone viral on social media. Afghanistan beat Bangladesh by 7 wickets in Group ‘B’ in Sharjah on Tuesday. With this victory, they entered the Super Four.

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Wacha-Hardik Pandya decided to come; Karthik said in the live match…; Pakistan’s defeat was confirmed there

In the Asia Cup 2022, they became the first team to reach the Super Four with wins over Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Batting first, Bangladesh scored only 127 runs. Afghanistan reached the target of winning by 3 wickets. Earlier Sri Lanka was defeated by Afghanistan.


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