Trade with India and the questionable meeting in Doha, Sheikh Rashid ThePipaNews



Former Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed said trade with India and questionable meeting in Doha are question marks.

Sheikh Rashid wrote on his Twitter account, “Bilawal upset the people of Kardania by donating crores of rupees in an hour, no minister of Sindh dares to approach the people. The company’s reputation is still struggling with the flood disaster, the 25km beggar government could not anticipate, nor plan, to remove when these agendas are over.

The rulers have not come out of the dream of negligence, the number of ministers has reached the limits of the law and the constitution. Shahbaz Sharif has destroyed the narrative of Nawaz Sharif. The flood will go away but the poor people will be flooded with more destruction and inflation. Question marks on trade with India and dubious meeting in Doha.


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