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Royal Mail workers across the UK will continue to strike this week in a dispute over pay.

It comes as the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said more than 115,000 postal workers are walking out and rallying outside Royal Mail officials across the country.

The strikes started on Friday 26 August and received a limited post via Royal Mail delivered.

The decision to strike came after a recent poll in which members voted 97.6% in favor of the industrial action with a turnout of 77%.

Now the strikes will continue in the coming weeks with serious disruptions to regular posting times.

The Bolton News: What days will you be posting this week as Royal Mail staff strike (PA)What days will you post this week when Royal Mail staff are on strike (PA)

When is Royal Mail on strike?

After last Friday marked the first of planned deviations, the second will take place on Wednesday 31 August this week.

The next batch of strikes will then not take place until a week later in September.

The planned upcoming Royal Mail strikes are:

  • Wednesday, August 31
  • Thursday, September 8
  • Friday, September 9

How will Royal Mail’s postal services be affected by the strikes?

Royal Mail has said it has “well-developed contingency plans” to minimize disruption.

It added that it was “focused on getting mail delivery back to normal as quickly as possible after the strike”, but letters will not be delivered on the day of the strike.

The company has apologized to customers but says it has plans to minimize the disruption.

On strike days, Royal Mail says it will:

  • Deliver as many Special Delivery and Tracked24 packages as possible
  • Prioritize the delivery of Covid test kits and medical prescriptions

Customers should be aware that items they post the day before, during or after the strike may catch up with the delays.

Royal Mail also recommends posting items as early as possible before the strike dates and noted that collections will also be less frequent during the strikes.

Royal Mail has added that it cannot guarantee delivery of all special deliveries by 9 or 13.00 the next day.

It confirmed it would suspend its regular guarantees while strike action is ongoing.

Royal Mail users can continue to post items in the PO Box or Post Office but should be aware of the delays.


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