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Dayanand Lipare

KOLHAPUR: A fresh infiltration of the feud between the Satje Patil and Mahadik families has begun on the occasion of Gokul Dudh Sangh’s annual meeting. While Mahadik was in possession of Gokul’s sources, Patil launched a campaign against its mismanagement. After the transfer of power, the Mahadik family started fighting against Gokul by targeting Patil. As a result, the tradition of Gokula debates at the Annual General Meeting continued even after the change of power.

Kolhapur district milk producers, the largest syndicate in the state, sells its products under the Gokul brand. Hence this institution is famous as Gokul. Gokul milk sales have crossed 15 crore litres. Gokul is seen as an effective power platform that gives power. It was a key part of the political strategy of prominent leaders of the district that Gokul would remain in power even if the MP-MLA left for a time.

For the last 30 years, Gokul was mainly dominated by former MLA Mahadevrao Mahadik. During this period the Gokula Dudh Sangha grew; But its misuse is continuously discussed. Satje Patil has been raising questions on this issue for the past eight years. He personally attended the annual general meetings and inquired into the affairs of Gokul. Similarly, Gokul tried to introduce multi-state status to expand the scope of Sangha’s administration. The dice are rolled on this issue. Patil pressed the point so strongly that if Gokul became multi-state, he painted a picture that there would be no common milk producers’ union. Emphasizes Gokul’s election. As a result, the power of the Mahadikas ended a year and a half ago.

A power struggle begins

Gokul is now led mainly by Satesh Patil and Hasan Mushrif, both ex-Mantras. He tried to improve the image of milk producers by taking some decisions like increasing the price of milk six times in one and a half years, encouraging the purchase of one lakh buffaloes, expanding the Mahalakshmi Cattle Feed Scheme. However, the Mahadik family for the first time came into an aggressive confrontational posture on the occasion of Gokul’s annual sabha. In the press conference, MP Dhananjaya Mahadik, former president of Zilla Parishad Shoumika Mahadik, her husband former MLA Amal Mahadik gave the Panchnama of the administration of the new rulers. He devised strategies to mislead the rulers about increasing the price of milk, return of foul-smelling milk, etc.; But he could not succeed in the assembly field. One reason, Dhananjay Mahadik and Amal Mahadik, the main leaders were absent from the meeting. This power was also lost as the three directors elected with him were on the platform with the ruling party. As a result, the opposition’s fighting edge becomes blunt. Shoumika Mahadik alone was trying to edge the rulers. The opposition had planned the meeting in such a way that Mahadik’s voice would be drowned out.

Parallel meeting

Mahadik criticized Patil in the parallel meeting. “The meeting was conducted in an autocratic manner without giving satisfactory answers. Mahadik’s Venkateswara Company duly rendered the services and received the bill. Patil himself should declare the figures of how much temple land has been destroyed,’ he challenged. 32 percent of Mahadevrao Mahadik’s tankers were started when he was in power at Gokul. Pointing out that Mahadik had created confusion in the meeting as the income of Rs 400 crore was stopped, Patil pointed out that Mahadik’s struggle was related to financial issues. Even after the meeting, the controversy did not end. Mahadik says he will fight against the tyrannical administration in Gokul.


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