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Online Ganesh Chaturthi Puja demand zws 70 ThePipaNews


Prabhu Mandalik, Loksatta

Dombivli- Bhadrapada Ganesh Chaturthi is being worshiped from house to house, so priests are not available for the puja. So many Ganesha devotees have demanded online puja from the priests. In view of this demand, many priests have also shown their readiness to offer prayers online.

Ganesh devotees are running to get the priest for the puja as Ganesh festival starts from Wednesday.

Some priests plan to visit Ganesh devotee’s house for puja at that time and register in advance on mobile phone. Some priests say that Ganesha devotees who are insisted by the priests to worship Ganesha will worship Ganesha after twelve midnight. Year after year, certain residents invite certain priests to their homes and perform Ganpati Puja rituals. Such priests worship the Ganapati of a particular house. As many Gurujis are now old, they are not able to go from house to house and perform Ganpati Puja throughout the day. He also showed his readiness to pray online at the homes of some Ganesha devotees.

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Preparation for worship

Devotees requesting for pooja online are requested to make all preparations for pooja in advance. A Ganesh devotee has to be ready at a specific time for the puja. This pooja is delivered through Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Live Broadcast, YouTube. This pooja is performed in such a way that the devotee is satisfied. Pooja online is therefore not rushed. Senior priest Pradeep Joshi Guruji of Dombible said, if one puja is done after another, the puja ends at the appointed time.

Dakshina is not asked from any devotee after offering pooja through online, YouTube. It is optional. If fans like it, they can pour their hearts out online or in person. This is our experience for the last two years. Joshi Guruji said that we are not forcing anyone for the South.

Everyone wants to worship Ganesha at the hands of the priest during Ganpati festival. Therefore, we offer Ganesh Puja for Ganesh devotees who register with us during Ganapati festival. As many fans as registered. Dombiblei priest Jayesh Joshi said, We worship Ganesha properly there.

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10.30 hrs from Dombivli. Projection

On Wednesday at 10:30 am on the day of Ganapati Puja, senior priest of Dombivli Pradeep Joshi Guruji will start the Ganapati Puja. Ganesha devotees can watch this broadcast from our Dharmapaksha YouTube channel and perform Ganesha pratishtapana. Joshi Guruji said that Ganesh devotees can perform pujas through their Facebook project.

Ganpati pooja will begin at 10:30 am on Wednesday through live broadcast, so priests conducting online pooja have requested that devotees prepare the pooja materials at the Pran Pratishta mandapam in advance.



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