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Nagpur : Crime has increased rapidly in the country and the highest number of crimes occurred in Maharashtra. The highest number of crimes was recorded in the financial capital city of Mumbai. Nagpur ranks sixth in recorded crime. This information is clear from the recently published data of NCRB.

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If we look at the statistics of murders in the state, Mumbai has the highest number of murders after Delhi. Delhi had 454 murders and Mumbai had 162 murders. In 2021, Maharashtra recorded the highest number of cases (3.67 lakh), followed by Uttar Pradesh (3.58 lakh) and Chennai ranked third.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s crime report for 2021, a total of 3,67,218 crimes were reported in the country and Maharashtra recorded the highest number of crimes. Uttar Pradesh is second with 3,57,905 crimes. Mumbai has the highest number of cases among Maharashtra. Nagpur is ranked sixth and Pune is ranked 14th. Also in 2021 there is a huge increase in crime in Mumbai. The city records at least 14 serious crimes every day. According to the report, crime in Mumbai increased by 27 percent in 2021 (63,689 crimes). In 2020, this number was 50,158 and in 2019, it was 40,684.

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Mumbai ranks second in murders

Delhi ranks first in the number of murders in the country Mumbai is the financial capital of the country at the second position. In 2021, there were 454 murders in Delhi and 162 in Mumbai. There were 161 murders in Chennai, 155 in Bengaluru and 121 in Surat in Gujarat. In Maharashtra, there were 100 murders in Pune and 95 in Nagpur.

Maharashtra ranks third in violence against women

According to this report, in 2021, Maharashtra ranks third in the country for crimes of violence against women. Uttar Pradesh records the highest number of crimes against women while Rajasthan ranks second. Nagaland has the lowest number of crimes against women. It is followed by Mizoram and Goa. A total of 31,677 rape cases took place across India. Rajasthan recorded the highest number of rape cases at 6,337 followed by Madhya Pradesh (2,947). Third position is Uttar Pradesh (2845).


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