Ganesha statue controversy Controversy again about Puri’s Ganesha idol; Municipalities and police to give permission as directed: High Court ThePipaNews



Nagpur, Ganesha idol was established by Chandrashekhar Azad Ganesh Utsav Mandal at Chandrasekhar Puri Panchpawali. Every year, the Ganesha idol represents some matter related to the public which is always full of controversy. Because of this, he had to approach the high court many times. Similarly, now again he appealed to the High Court because the police did not give him permission.

After hearing the matter on Tuesday, Justice Atul Chandurkar and Justice Urmila Joshi directed the petitioner to reapply and grant permission as per the 2005 High Court order. Dr. Ajit Adtani for the petitioner, for the Govt. Mr. DP Thackeray and MNP. Sudhir Puranik argues.

Traffic jams are mentioned

During the hearing on Tuesday, the government said that a crowd gathered to see the presentation of the Ganesha idol installed by the petitioner’s mandal. Due to this, traffic in-charge of Lokadganj zone informed about the traffic jam. Based on this permission was not given for the installation of Ganesha idol.

After the hearing, the court said in its order that earlier in a criminal petition, the High Court had passed an order on September 6, 2005, allowing the petitioner to erect the Ganesha idol. Besides, the court has also given freedom to the administration and police to take action in case of objectionable presentation.

Confiscation after giving notice

In an order passed in 2005, the High Court had held that if the petitioner mandal installed the idol in accordance with religious tradition, the administration had no right to confiscate or disallow it. Administration may take action as per rules if any objectionable representation is found in Ganesh pandal. But notice should be issued before action. Citing this order, the High Court on Tuesday directed the petitioner to apply again for the installation of the Ganesh idol. Along with that, the court ordered the administration to give permission immediately.


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