Biden calls Mikhail Gobarchev a ‘man of vision’ and Pakistan PM expresses gratitude to China, find out why ThePipaNews



US President Joe Biden has paid tribute to former Soviet leader Mikhail Goberchev, who has died aged 91 in Moscow. Biden said in a White House statement late Tuesday that Goberchev worked to bring democratic reforms to the Soviet Union after decades of brutal political repression.

He said, “These were the actions of a rare leader – one with the courage to believe that a different future was possible and to risk his entire career to achieve it. The result was a safer world and more freedom for millions.”

Biden also said Goberchev believed in ‘glasnost’ and ‘perestroika’, not just as slogans, but as a way forward for the people of the Soviet Union after so many years of isolation and deprivation.


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