Baby starts crying on flight, staff’s solution to stop crying is heart-wrenching Air India flight crew members and a video of a baby has gone viral on social media ThePipaNews



This video is by a crew member named Neil Malcolm. An Instagram user named Jeevan Venkatesh posted this video.

When the baby started crying on the flight, the staff's solution to stop the crying was heart-winning

The baby started crying on the flight…

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New Delhi: When a child cries, the house is said to be occupied. When the same experience occurs on a plane ride, the spontaneous reaction from the mouth must be that ‘the plane took over the head’. Air India (Air India) occurred during an airline flight. Many children do not like to travel. Then when these babies go on a trip they start crying. Various measures have to be taken to stop their crying. A similar incident happened in an Air India flight. During the flight, a small child starts crying and a crew member tries to calm him down.crew member) came forward from the cockpit. A video of this crew member’s act of humanity has gone viral on social media (viral) being. A crew member lifted the boy to his side and gently patted him to calm him down. The viral video of the incident has won the hearts of billions of netizens.

The video went viral on social media

This video is by a crew member named Neil Malcolm. An Instagram user named Jeevan Venkatesh posted this video. In the caption below the video, he wrote, ‘Really appreciate the sweet behavior of Air India staff. Surprised when my daughter felt better on the steward’s shoulders, thank you. It’s too much for me. After the takeover of Tata Air India, the travel of these airlines may see a lot of changes.’

Neil’s video caught the attention of many Instagram users. This video is getting a lot of appreciation on social media.

A flight crew member expressed his gratitude

The video was posted on August 7 and the user confirmed the crew member’s visit on Instagram in his caption after the video went viral.

A few days ago, he updated his caption and wrote, ‘Update: I saw them carrying my son on their shoulders. This is @neil_nitin_ub, thanks to everyone for making the video viral and reaching out So far this video has been liked by more than 1 lakh 91 thousand people. (A video of an Air India flight crew member and a child has gone viral on social media)

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