Whitby Abbey Vikings: Best images from the weekend when historic abbeys were taken over by re-enactors ThePipaNews



During the holidays, the historic abbey was taken over by ‘Vikings’ from English Heritage. The re-enactors spent the three-day weekend terrorizing the East Coast as part of an event hosted by the organization.

It gave visitors the chance to explore how the Vikings would have lived in their camps when they first landed on our shores hundreds of years ago. The actors also put on spectacular displays of combat, showing how the fearless warriors would have battled the natives on their conquest of Yorkshire and beyond.

The family-friendly event also encouraged youngsters to take up arms and learn some of their own Viking fighting skills.

As the event was held at the Abbey, those attending also had the chance to learn more about how the area inspired Bram Stoker to create Dracula and celebrate the book’s 125th anniversary.


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