Video: Ganaray stood up and blessed as soon as he touched his feet, such a scene is being discussed on social media. Social media is abuzz with the sight of people standing and blessing their feet when they touch them. ThePipaNews



Satara: Success comes with the blessings of public opinion. So whatever the work is, it starts with Ganesha Utsav (Ganesha festival). But if the ganara stands and blesses immediately after the darshan…everything will work out…oh no it won’t. As soon as he touched Ganarai’s feet, Ganarai stood up straight and gave ashirbad (blessing). This video is from Satara […]

Video: Ganaray stands straight and blesses as soon as he touches his feet, the scene is a hot topic on social media


Image credit source: TV9

satara : Success comes with the blessing of public opinion. So whatever the task is, its beginning (Ganesha FestivalDone with the blessing of the people. But if the ganara stands and blesses immediately after the darshan…everything will work out…oh no it won’t. public opinion (foot touch) Ganaray stood straight as soon as he touched his feet.blessing) gives blessings. The video is said to be from Satara district. Ganaraya stood up straight after seeing the Ganesh statue. This video is going viral on social media before the referendum.

What exactly is in the video..!

In this 40 second video, there is a feeling that life has become worthwhile. When a Ganesha devotee comes and takes darshan by touching Ganaraya’s feet, the 10 to 12 feet Ganaraya rises and blesses the devotee. Ganaraya gave a blessing with his right hand. Moreover, it can be seen in the video that Ganesh devotees were not surprised. This 40 second video is currently viral on social media.

Preparations for victory in the coming of public opinion

The referendum is coming on Wednesday. Accordingly preparations are underway across the state and this year’s excitement is going to be different. Because last two years this festival was affected by Corona. Moreover, all restrictions have been lifted this year. The enthusiasm of Ganesh devotees increased as the state government also gave all the freedoms. Apart from the city, preparations are underway for the arrival of public elections in rural areas as well.

Prepared in major cities

After two years, the arrival of the public opinion will be a fanfare. So Ganesh devotees have started preparations from last few days. Ganesh Mandals have already made it clear that this year they will try to convey a social message through looks. Despite all this, a video showing a Ganesh devotee darshan directly after Ganesh darshan has become popular.


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