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Nine people committed suicide in last 24 hours in Gautam Buddha Nagar district

Land Resources: Nowadays the Tapi river bridge at Bhusawal is a place where selfie points are made during monsoons and tourists are often seen here. But this Tapi river bridge also narrates its other sad lament, which has become a point of suicide for some lunatics and every month or Panda day there are reports of someone committing suicide. Often people fill their minds with wrong and concrete taxes, due to which they lose their precious lives by taking such drastic measures. A similar incident occurred. A couple from Bamanod village in Yaval taluk committed suicide by jumping into Tapi river in Bhusawal. The incident came to light on Monday. The deceased have been identified as Basant Nemade aged 63 years and Maltibai Basant Nemade aged 55 years. Both are Yaval residents of Bamanod village. Why did the couple commit suicide? The exact reason is not yet known. A sudden death has been reported in the Bhusabal City Police Station in this incident.

The couple took this step with the bike

According to information, the Nemade couple came out of Bamanod’s house on Sunday afternoon. A couple committed suicide by jumping into Tapi river near Ganapati Bisarjan Sthan area at Rahul Nagar in Tapi river basin. But the incident came to light on Monday morning. Assistant Inspectors Sandeep Dunagahu, Iqbal Saeed, Mohan Patil, Bhushan Chowdhury, Abdul Razzak Khan etc. reached the spot after informing the city police about an abandoned two-wheeler parked on the bank of the river. At that time, the bodies were found floating in two rivers.

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Both bodies were recovered with the help of local swimmers and shifted to the rural hospital for post-mortem. The deceased couple is survived by a son, two daughters and a daughter-in-law. Why did the couple commit suicide? No specific information is available on this.


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