Shahbaz Gul will get bail or not, the decision will be announced today ThePipaNews



The verdict on the bail plea against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shehbaz Gul in the sedition case will be announced today.

The Additional Sessions Court judge will deliver the reserved judgment at 11 am.

In a local court in Islamabad, prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi argued and said that the accused had deliberately spoken against Pakistan Army officials and his words had incited mutiny against the Pakistan Army.

He said that the accused tried to involve the Pakistan Army in politics, which hurt the sentiments of officers of the rank of soldier to brigadier, trying to incite mutiny also fell under the category of mutiny.

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Shehbaz Gul’s lawyer argued that what is called a coup, where is the coup? Shahbaz Gul is ready to apologize if there is any misunderstanding.

Shahbaz Gul’s lawyer rejected the accusation of rebellion in the court and said that Shahbaz Gul never thought of rebellion. The case is made by picking up points from various places in the transcript of his interview.

They say, what is called a coup, where is the coup? Shehbaz Gul is an educated person. He called the army the crown of our heads.

Advocate Shahbaz Gul’s official Twitter account was shown to the court. He said, “Don’t believe any false news that Shahbaz Gul has written on Twitter. It is clear from the tweet that he has not made any statement against the army.”

Videos of PTI leader Shehbaz Gul’s controversial speech and anchor’s questions were also played in the courtroom.


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