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Adayal-Chakra road condition of Prime Minister's village, Yuvraj Wasnik's demand for road reform

Adyal-Chichal. The uprooting of ballast on the Ariyal to Chakra road has become a constant source of misery for the commuters. The 4 km long road has large potholes which are causing headaches for school students and citizens who travel through it every day.

This 4th km road was constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana but due to poor quality of road construction, the road is covered with big potholes and badly damaged due to heavy traffic of heavy vehicles. This road is used to go to Adayal’s big market and schools, colleges. School students, citizens and women from nearby Gose, Pathri, Chichal villages use this route regularly.

Four-wheeler, two-wheeler drivers can avoid potholes and collide with pedestrians. There is heavy traffic on this road on Saturdays, Sundays, festivals and special days. It is impossible to predict when an untoward event will occur. The concerned department of the road should repair the road with immediate attention as the citizens of Ma Adayal, Chichal, Chakara, Pathri have done.

Focus on repair

The road is a bypass road leading to the Indira Sagar Ghos Khurd project. Tourists and school students are heavily congested on this road. MLAs and MPs of the area should look into the problem of repairing four kilometers of roads.

-Yuvraj Wasnik (Ex-Chairman, Pan Pawani)


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