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After the audio call of Shaukat Tareen, Mohsen Leghari, anyone has doubts?
LAHORE (Special Correspondent) Muslim League (N) Punjab Secretary Information Uzmi Bukhari reacting to the audio call of Shaukat Tareen and Mohsin Lagari said there are still doubts about the anti-national agenda that PTI is working on. Now every day Imran Khan is declaring himself as a foreign broker, it is called internal conspiracy, to whom this country has given everything, they want to take everything away from him and bankrupt him. In the statement, he said, Shaukat Tarin had called Mohsin Lagari and Taimur Ghagra on the orders of Imran Khan, Shahbaz Gul had made a statement to incite rebellion on the orders of Imran Khan, the government had been in continuous talks with the IMF for three months. Government coalition parties are trying to bring Pakistan’s economy back on its feet, but Imran Khan is trying to turn Pakistan into Sri Lanka under a well-thought-out conspiracy. They will not let the enemy’s plot succeed. He said that according to Imran Khan, the state in the name of Imran Khan only, they were not threatening Pakistan to Sri Lanka, but it was being fully implemented.


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