Nashik ACB raid, what is happening in Nashik? Tribal department officer caught red-handed while taking bribe in toilet – Tribal department officer caught while taking bribe in toilet. ThePipaNews



Mr. Ta. Representative, Nashik/Information: The case of an engineer in the construction department of the Tribal Development Department accepting a bribe of Tk 28 lakh is new, but there has been another incident of bribery in the same department. The assistant project officer of Kalwan took a bribe of ten thousand taka in the washroom of the office. The officer is identified as Pratap Vadje, and has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). The case against him started late at night. (Nashik ACB Raid News)

A woman works daily as a sweeper in a government ashram school under the Kalwan Adivasi Project Vadje demanded Rs 30,000 to hire him as a cook. On Monday (29th), he accepted ten thousand taka by compromise. It has once again exposed the evidence of widespread corruption in the Department of Tribal Development. Meanwhile, the Kalwan tribal division is constantly under discussion and the malpractices here are becoming evident. Basically the senior officials here do not listen to the problems of the citizens. As a result, citizens are claiming that lawlessness is being fueled here.

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For the past few days, incidents of bribery have been increasing in the district including Nashik. Four days ago, the deputy director of the health department took a bribe. Then Dinesh Kumar Bagul, working as a construction engineer in the tribal development department, was arrested for demanding a bribe of Tk 28 lakh. The next day, the CBI’s ACB team caught a senior GST official red-handed while accepting a bribe, while four days earlier, an official from the Deputy Director of Health’s office was caught by the ACB while accepting a bribe.

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