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Hartalika Teej

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Seema Kumari

‘Hartalika Teej’ today i.e. Tuesday 30th August. Married women observe this fast for the health and longevity of their husbands. Also unmarried girls observe this fast to get a desirable and eligible groom.

According to Acharya Indu Prakash, if daughter’s marriage is delayed, good relationship does not come or relationship gets stuck, groom doesn’t get what he wants, worshiping Maa Gauri and Shiva on Haritalika Teej can fulfill all your wishes. Just need to make the right arrangements in the right way and please Maa Gauri. Let’s know about those measures.

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If your daughter is of marriageable age and you are looking for a relationship for her, ask her to visit Shiva-Gauri temple on this day and offer two betel leaves and two betel leaves to Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri. Doing this will bring good results soon.

A relationship is coming for the girl, but not a good relationship. Relationships are not coming your way. So from this day mix raw milk in water and offer it to Shivlinga and Maa Gauri. Also feed cows with green fodder. Good relations will start coming soon.

You should wear Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha to make your married life happy and happy always.

If not married, make an earthly shiv linga on Hartalika Teej and offer 21 bel leaves. After the puja place the Shiv Linga under the bel tree. After that chant Goddess Katyayani’s marriage mantra Katyayini Mahamaye Mahayoginidhiswari Nanda Gopsutam Devi Patin 108 times on Kuru.


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