11-year-old Ayesha’s Big Achievement, Gold and Silver Medals for Pakistan Ayesha Ayaz Gold and Silver Medals ThePipaNews



Ayesha Ayaz, a young taekwondo player from Swat, once again achieved a feat by winning gold and silver medals for Pakistan.

According to details, 11-year-old Ayesha Ayaz won a gold and a silver medal in the International Taekwondo Championship held in Thailand.

Ayesha Ayaz became the first Pakistani to win 2 gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

Ayesha Ayaz expressed her sorrow after hearing the news of the flood disaster in Pakistan and said, “I am with my brothers and sisters in this difficult time, donating fifty thousand rupees to the relief fund.

Ayesha Ayaz presented her gold medal to DC Swat Junaid Khan and silver medal to Sports Minister Atif Khan.

Ayesha Ayaz is the daughter of Pakistan’s talented athlete and coach Ayaz Naik, who is the first Pakistani girl to win a gold medal in any international sport.

On behalf of the Taekwondo family, President Colonel Wasim Janjua and Secretary General Murtaza Hasan Bangash congratulated and said that Ayesha Ayaz is the wealth of our country, who will continue to shine the name of the country at the international level in the future.

Coach and father Ayaz Naik thanked all her friends, relatives and the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, without whose support Ayesha’s training and participation in the championship would not have been possible.

He said that if best performing children like Ayesha Khan are supported at the same age, they can make a name for themselves at the international level in many sports of the country.



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