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Imperial News: Students commemorate finishing international research fellowships

Global Development Hub Fellowship Success

Imperial College London Celebrates Success of Global Development Hub Fellowship

The first cohort of research students funded by Imperial’s Global Development Hub Fellowship have successfully completed their placements, marking a milestone in the university’s efforts to support students from low- and middle-income countries.

With the support of their supervisors in their home countries and host supervisors at Imperial, 32 students from 16 countries, including Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, undertook a variety of research projects in all four of Imperial’s faculties. Projects ranged from studying malaria transmission to designing clinical decision support systems for healthcare professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Global Development Hub Fellowship, established earlier this year with funding from Imperial’s ISPF Institutional Support Grant Official Development Assistance award, aims to provide high-impact, short-term research placements for PhD students living and studying in less developed countries. The program covers costs such as living allowances, flights, travel, and visa fees to support students in their research endeavors.

Student experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, with Pascal Sungu-Ngoy from the University of Douala in Cameroon citing the program as instrumental in enhancing his skills and perspective on innovative solutions for global challenges. Faiza Umar Bawah from the University of Ghana highlighted the valuable interactions with researchers from various disciplines that the fellowship provided.

To celebrate the successful placements, Imperial recently hosted a reception for the first cohort of students. Professor Michael Templeton, co-Chair of the Global Development Hub, emphasized the importance of international collaboration and interdisciplinary research in tackling global challenges. Plans are already in motion for the second cohort of students, with seed funding opportunities being put in place for those who have completed this year’s placements.

The Global Development Hub Fellowship is not only providing valuable research opportunities for students but also strengthening Imperial’s connections with countries around the world. The program aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aims to address some of the most pressing global challenges faced by vulnerable communities.

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