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Iconic Figures Dominate the Pantheon of Pot: Who Makes the Cut for Marijuana’s Mount Rushmore?

In a vibrant celebration of cannabis culture, industry leaders have proposed a symbolic Mount Rushmore of Marijuana, spotlighting icons like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Bob Marley. These luminaries are not just popular among fans but have also pioneered the mainstream acceptance of marijuana through their enduring influence and advocacy.

Snoop Dogg: The Uncontested Champion

Cannabis enthusiasts consistently acclaim Snoop Dogg as the foremost figure in the world of weed. Caitlyn Smith, a senior marketing manager at the Planet 13 dispensary chain, praises his long-standing dedication to the cannabis lifestyle and his efforts to normalize its use. “His visibility and outspokenness have been pivotal,” Smith explains.

Willie Nelson: The Country Rebel

Another stalwart, Willie Nelson, is celebrated not only for his musical prowess but for his vigorous support of cannabis legalization. Marlon Coburn, CEO of THC Design, highlights Nelson’s iconic status among cannabis advocates. “His activism and leadership in cannabis reform are legendary,” Coburn states, reflecting the widespread admiration for Nelson’s contribution to the movement.

Bob Marley: The Spiritual Guide

The legendary Bob Marley remains a symbolic figure in cannabis culture, embodying the spiritual and revolutionary aspects of its use. His portrayal in the recent biopic “Bob Marley: One Love” underscores his profound connection with the herb. Jesse Ezekiel Tolz from The Travel Agency dispensary in New York calls Marley “a transformative artist who championed the cannabis cause through his music and lifestyle.”

Cheech and Chong: The Cultural Phenomena

Not to be overlooked, the comedic duo Cheech and Chong are credited with bringing cannabis into the pop culture limelight. Ali Garawi, CEO of Muha Meds, argues for their inclusion by emphasizing their role in popularizing cannabis culture. “They didn’t just entertain; they sparked a conversation about cannabis rights and its medicinal uses,” says Garawi, acknowledging Tommy Chong’s significant advocacy work.

Emerging Icons and Industry Critics

While the likes of Rihanna, Martha Stewart, and Woody Harrelson are also suggested for their strong cannabis personas, not all industry figures agree on celebrity endorsements. Olivia Alexander, founder of Kush Queen, critiques this approach, arguing that true cannabis culture values authenticity and grassroots connections over star power. “Celebrities might bring attention, but they do not necessarily bring respect to the plant,” Alexander asserts, advocating for recognition of genuine activists over commercial figures.


As the cannabis industry evolves, the debate over who deserves a place on the Mount Rushmore of Marijuana reflects a broader dialogue about the role of celebrity in cannabis advocacy. While some argue for the inclusion of high-profile advocates, others call for honoring those who have been part of the community and the movement from the ground up. This ongoing discussion not only celebrates the current icons but also shapes the future narrative of cannabis culture.

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