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How can Americans be engaged in international news?

U.S. Audience Demand for International News Coverage: Insights from Global Press Report

American Readers Seek Diverse Voices and Solutions in International News Coverage

In a world where global crises often take center stage, American readers are expressing a desire for more diverse perspectives and solutions in international news coverage. A report by news organization Global Press has shed light on the preferences of U.S. audiences when it comes to consuming news from around the world.

The key findings of the report highlight that American readers are hungry for more global information, but they want it from journalists who come from the places they cover. They are not interested in a constant reinforcement of disaster narratives; instead, they want to see stories that offer solutions. Additionally, generic language that refers to wide groups of people is off-putting to readers, who prefer more specific and dignified language in news stories.

Global Press CEO and publisher, Cristi Hegranes, emphasized that it’s not that people don’t care about the world, but rather that they don’t care about the way stories are told. The organization, founded in 2006, focuses on diversifying international news by empowering local journalists to report in their own communities.

Surveys conducted by Global Press with over 1,200 American participants revealed that 77% of readers prefer stories written by local reporters representative of the communities they cover. Additionally, 71% of respondents favored writing with dignified and precise language about the subjects being discussed.

The report also highlighted the shift in preferences among readers when presented with stories from local journalists instead of U.S.-based reporters. Participants were more engaged and interested in stories that focused on solutions rather than just highlighting the problems.

Other news organizations, such as Unbias the News and The New Humanitarian, are also taking strides to change the face and method of international journalism. These organizations prioritize diverse voices, inclusion, and a focus on providing solutions to the issues being reported on.

Overall, the report by Global Press reflects a growing demand for more nuanced, diverse, and solution-oriented international journalism. As readers seek out more engaging and impactful stories from around the world, news organizations are adapting their approaches to meet these evolving preferences.

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