Monday, May 20, 2024

HMD Hints at Nokia 3210 Revival Alongside a Trio of 4G Feature Phones

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia-branded phones, has teased the revival of the classic Nokia 3210, along with the introduction of a trio of new 4G feature phones. The glimpse of the iconic 3210 was revealed at an event in Kenya, where HMD showcased its latest offering, the HMD Pulse trio.

Although the Nokia 3210 may not enjoy the same legendary status as its successor, the Nokia 3310, it was undeniably a milestone for the Finnish brand. First introduced in 1999, the Nokia 3210 was the first mass-market phone to feature an internal antenna. The teased Nokia 3210 (2024) appears quite different from the original model, bearing a closer resemblance to the reimagined Nokia 6310 (2024). However, HMD describes this new version as a fusion of modern design with a retro interface, complete with the classic Snake game.

In addition to the Nokia 3210 revival, HMD also unveiled three new 4G feature phones – the Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G, and Nokia 235 4G. While the Nokia 215 name has been used previously in 2015 and 2020, the Nokia 235 is an entirely new addition to the lineup. Basic details revealed include 2.8” IPS displays for the 215 and 235, with the latter featuring a 2MP camera, while the former does not. The Nokia 225 sports a slightly smaller 2.4” IPS LCD along with a 2MP camera.

Notably, the images shared by HMD depict these upcoming phones bearing the HMD logo at the bottom, signaling a shift from just the Nokia branding. Although these teasers were showcased at an HMD event and subsequently posted on X, they have since been removed, suggesting that HMD is not quite ready to fully unveil these new feature phones.

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