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History enthusiast finds George Washington artifact at Goodwill: ‘Uncommon Discovery’

Artifact Belonging to George Washington Found in Goodwill Auction Site, Displayed in Museum

Artifact Belonging to President George Washington Found on Goodwill Auction Site

An unexpected discovery has led to the acquisition of a valuable artifact that once belonged to President George Washington. The six-inch-long piece of linen fabric, which originally came from Washington’s dining marquee, was found by history enthusiast Richard “Dana” Moore on Goodwill’s auction site.

After purchasing the fabric for $1,300, Moore was overwhelmed by the responsibility of owning such a significant piece of history. His wife, Susan Bowen, was initially skeptical about the purchase until they watched an online presentation from the Museum of the American Revolution.

Upon contacting the museum, curator Matthew Skic confirmed the authenticity of the fabric, which was part of Washington’s dining canopy from 1778. The fabric, darkened with age and frayed at the edges, was found to match the style and shape of Washington’s marquee.

The artifact is now on display at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, alongside other fragments of Washington’s tents. Historians are actively researching the piece, including the identity of John Burns, the man who wrote the accompanying note.

For Moore and Bowen, seeing the artifact on exhibit at the museum was an emotional and exciting experience. The discovery of this rare fragment adds to the known collection of Washington’s tents and highlights the importance of uncovering and preserving pieces of American history.

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