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Hezbollah launches barrage of more than 200 rockets into Israel following assassination of senior commander

Recent Conflict Escalates in Lebanon: Hezbollah Launches Rockets at Israel

Hezbollah launches over 200 rockets at Israeli military bases in retaliation for senior commander’s killing

In a dramatic escalation of tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border, the Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah launched over 200 rockets at several Israeli military bases on Thursday. This retaliation comes after a strike by Israeli forces killed one of Hezbollah’s senior commanders, Mohammad Naameh Nasser.

The Israeli military reported that numerous projectiles and suspicious aerial targets entered its territory from Lebanon, with many being intercepted. Despite the intense exchange of fire, there were no immediate reports of casualties on either side.

Following the attack from Hezbollah, Israel retaliated by striking various towns in southern Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah’s military structures. Lebanese state-run National News Agency confirmed that at least one person was killed in an Israeli drone strike in Houla.

Hezbollah’s retaliation included launching Katyusha rockets and Falaq rockets with heavy warheads into northern Israel and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The group also sent exploding drones into several Israeli military bases.

Hashem Safieddine, head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, vowed to continue the group’s retaliatory attacks, stating that they would target new sites that Israel never imagined would be hit.

The conflict has raised concerns among global powers, with the U.S. and France working to prevent the skirmishes from escalating into a full-blown war. The U.S. has linked the situation to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, hoping for a cease-fire that could lead to calm along the Lebanon-Israel border as well.

Hezbollah has expressed solidarity with Hamas in Gaza and stated that they would stop their attacks once a cease-fire is reached. Israeli officials, on the other hand, have warned that they could go to war in Lebanon if diplomatic efforts fail.

The recent escalation has resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of people on both sides of the border, with casualties reported on both sides. Israel views Hezbollah as a significant threat, given the militant group’s arsenal of rockets and missiles.

The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah dates back to the 2006 war, which ended in a draw after a monthlong battle. With tensions on the rise once again, the region faces an uncertain future as diplomatic efforts continue to prevent further escalation.

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