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Hampton Roads collaborates with Australian college to provide shipbuilding training

“Partnership with Australian Technical College to Boost Shipbuilding Industry in Hampton Roads”

Hampton Roads forges partnership with Australian technical college to train future submarine builders

The future of shipbuilding in Hampton Roads just got a major boost with a new partnership between the Hampton Roads Workforce Council and South Metropolitan TAFE, a technical college in Western Australia. This collaboration aims to train the next generation of global shipbuilders in anticipation of the growing demand for submarines.

The memorandum of understanding, signed during a ceremony at the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, will bring together the workforce development and training strengths of both regions to equip future submarine builders with the necessary skills and knowledge to strengthen the defense maritime sector.

According to Hampton Roads Workforce Council President and CEO Shawn Avery, this agreement is all about identifying workforce development opportunities and sharing resources between the two regions for the future.

Australia, although experienced in maritime defense, is relatively new to nuclear-powered submarines. Darshi Ganeson-Oats, managing director for South Metropolitan TAFE, emphasized the importance of understanding and providing the right skills training to support the sustainment and maintenance of nuclear-powered submarines.

With plans to increase its production of nuclear-powered submarines in the coming years, Australia, with U.S. technology and support, is set to make significant strides in the maritime defense sector. This is further highlighted by the trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific region known as AUKUS, which will see Australia acquiring U.S.-made Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines to replace its current fleet.

As Newport News Shipbuilding, one of the key builders of nuclear-powered submarines for the U.S. Navy, continues to play a pivotal role in global shipbuilding, this new partnership signifies a promising future for the industry in Hampton Roads.

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