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Gunmen in Russia’s Southern Dagestan Region Kill 15 Police Officers and Multiple Civilians (6/24/24)

Armed Militants Attack Churches and Synagogue in Dagestan, Russia

In a shocking and tragic turn of events, armed militants carried out multiple attacks in Russia’s southern republic of Dagestan, leaving more than 15 police officers and several civilians dead. Among the casualties was an Orthodox priest, highlighting the brutality of the assaults.

The gunmen targeted two Orthodox churches, a synagogue, and a traffic police post in two cities within the region. The attacks were swiftly condemned by Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee, which characterized them as terrorist acts. As a sign of mourning, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were declared days of mourning in Dagestan.

Authorities in Dagestan launched a counter-terrorist operation in response to the violence, resulting in the elimination of five militants according to the Anti-Terrorist Committee. The governor of Dagestan reported that six “bandits” had been “liquidated,” although exact figures on the number of attackers involved remained unclear.

Despite the devastating nature of the attacks, no group or individual has claimed responsibility so far. A criminal investigation has been initiated to determine the precise motives behind the assaults.

Governor Sergei Melikov asserted in a video statement that the situation was under control, while hinting at potential foreign involvement in the planning of the attacks. He drew parallels to previous incidents where Russian officials tried to link violence within the country to external conflicts, such as the situation in Ukraine.

The series of attacks in Dagestan serve as a grim reminder of the ongoing threat posed by terrorism, both domestically and globally. The region’s residents and authorities are left to grapple with the aftermath of the violence, while striving to prevent future occurrences by rooting out militant cells.

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