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Going Behind the Scenes with Gavin Rossdale on Bush’s Loaded: Greatest Hits Tour

“Exclusive Interview: Gavin Rossdale Opens Up About His Love for Fans and Life on the Road”

Rock legend Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush still cherishes the love and admiration he receives from fans after all these years. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the 58-year-old singer shared a heartwarming encounter with a homeless man who recognized him on the street, showing the impact his music has on people.

Having founded Bush in 1992 with Nigel Pulsford, Dave Parsons, and Robin Goodridge, Rossdale reflected on the band’s journey from their initial split in 2002 to their reunion in 2010. With five new albums and a greatest hits LP under their belt, Bush is currently on their Loaded: The Greatest Hits tour.

Rossdale opened up about his pre-show rituals, including vocal warm-ups on a trampoline and enjoying a cold Sapporo beer before hitting the stage. He also revealed his dressing room essentials, such as low lighting and a variety of drinks for guests.

After the show, Rossdale likes to celebrate with his loved ones at an afterparty with good lighting and great hip-hop music. With his children, including sons Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, often accompanying him on tour, Rossdale considers his kids and performing on stage as the two best things in his life.

For more insights into Rossdale’s tour life, check out the latest issue of Us Weekly, available now. The rockstar’s dedication to his craft and appreciation for his fans continue to shine through as Bush continues to rock audiences around the world.

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