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Global leaders express doubts about Biden’s ability to serve a second term

International Leaders Express Concerns About President Biden’s Ability to Serve Another Term

International Leaders Express Concerns About President Biden’s Ability to Serve Another Term

As the NATO summit unfolds in Washington, conversations about President Joe Biden’s ability to serve another term are not limited to American shores. According to Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, several international leaders at the summit have expressed concerns about President Biden’s health and capabilities.

Bremmer shared with Scripps News that despite their fondness for Biden, these world leaders have noticed a significant decline in the President’s sharpness and energy. He mentioned that not a single leader he spoke with believes that Biden could serve out another four years in office.

The issue of Biden’s age and health has become a topic of discussion at the NATO Summit, with Bremmer mentioning that the leaders have observed Biden slowing down and appearing less sharp in their interactions. President Biden himself has publicly acknowledged the effects of his age, admitting to struggles with walking and speaking smoothly.

During a recent event where President Biden awarded NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Bremmer noted a moment of anxiety when Biden had to clasp the medal around Stoltenberg’s neck. While Biden ultimately managed to do so without any issues, the incident highlighted concerns about his physical abilities.

These discussions about Biden’s future are viewed as a distraction from the important matters that should be addressed at the summit, such as increased support for Ukraine and commitments to defense spending. Despite Biden’s assurance of running for re-election, Bremmer mentioned that many leaders at the summit believe that former President Trump is likely to reclaim the presidency.

The concerns raised by international leaders add another layer of complexity to the ongoing debate about President Biden’s future in office, signaling a growing unease among global partners about his capacity to lead effectively for another term.

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