Saturday, July 13, 2024

Glenn Elliott and Jim Justice Trade Barbs in U.S. Senate Race: Latest Updates on News, Sports, and Jobs

West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race heats up as Elliott and Justice exchange barbs

The race for a U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia is heating up as outgoing Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott and current Gov. Jim Justice engage in a war of words. The Democratic nominee, Elliott, has challenged Justice to a debate, criticizing him for focusing on trivial matters like his pet English bulldog, Babydog, and failing to address important issues facing the state.

In response, Justice dismissed Elliott’s criticism as desperate and claimed the mayor was resorting to negative tactics out of fear of losing the election. Despite the back-and-forth, Elliott stood by his remarks, stating that Justice lacks the ability to deliver substantive speeches addressing key issues.

The escalating tensions between the two candidates highlight the intense competition for the Senate seat and the divergent strategies each is employing to win over voters. With the election approaching, the race is sure to continue to be a fierce and closely watched battle.

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